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The Day of the Perceptive Critic

September Fourteenth
The Day of the Perceptive Critic
September Fourteenth
12 celebrities born this day
• Amy Winehouse, 35
Experienced Perceptive Critic
• Aya Ueto, 33
Graceful Perceptive Critic
• Carmen Kass, 40
Artistic Perceptive Critic
• Dan Cortese, 51
Empowered Perceptive Critic
• Faith Ford, 54
Enchanted Perceptive Critic
• Katie Lee , 37
Versatile Perceptive Critic
• Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 47
Released Perceptive Critic
• Kristen Renton, 36
Tender Perceptive Critic
• Michelle Stafford, 53
Liberated Perceptive Critic
• Sam Neill, 71
Modulated Perceptive Critic
• Tyler Perry, 49
Transcendent Perceptive Critic
• Walter Koenig, 80
Influential Perceptive Critic
Personality of The Day of the Perceptive Critic
        Those born on September 14 are very much concerned with the society in which they live. Both defenders and critics of their country and their times, they may feel it necessary to become involved not only intellectually but also actively in important projects which, as they see it, can better the human condition. Their role is to open people’s eyes to the truth and in this respect to serve them.

     The visually-oriented individuals born on this day are able to describe what they see in easily understood terms. When evaluating the work of others, their basic premise is that “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Thus they are not shy about making concrete suggestions as to how certain aspects may be bettered. At times, however, they can be somewhat didactic and closed to viewpoints at odds with their own.

     As family members, September 14 people are generally faithful and dutiful, but also highly critical in their assessment of everyday life. For them, performance counts and all the talking in the world will not replace the basic need to take care of home affairs in an efficient way. In this they will usually insist that those with whom they live take an active role, and rarely will sacrifice themselves by doing it all alone. Their problem is that they see what needs to be done immediately and often grow impatient if others are not equally quick to act.

     Efficiency is an important item for September 14 people. They have an aversion to chaos and sloppiness which compels them to clean up messes and tidy up loose ends, at the very least in their thinking. Should they let things around them slide for a time because of mental preoccupation, they will surely take care of them in due order. Schedules, plans and an insistence on being on time usually characterize this day.

     September 14 people seem to have opinions on most every subject. Usually, however, in a serious discussion, they are wise enough to restrict their comments to what they know best, in particular their area of expertise. They thus despise superficial and glib types who pretend to know much more than they actually do, and toward such people those born on this day can be quite hostile. In fact, the general intellectual aggressiveness of September 14 people can create a problem for them, and others, at times.

     Physically, September 14 people can be comfort-loving and very much bound to regular daily habits. They enjoy food, sex and sleep enormously, needing to balance their mental orientation with a strongly earthy counterbalance. By partaking regularly of the sensuous life, rather than denying themselves and then going on binges, they guarantee the stability of long time periods of regular work which are so necessary for completing their far-reaching projects.
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Those born on September 14 usually care enough about their bodies to want to take care of them. They will be open to regulating their diet and to physical activities from exercise to massage as long as there is an accompanying sensuous enjoyment and sense of well-being provided. Team sports or competitive one-on-one activities like tennis and squash are here particularly advised. Plenty of sleep on a regular basis is essential for these mentally oriented individuals, but their need for sex and sensual contact of various kinds should not be ignored either. Being able to receive and express love will do wonders to keep their mental apparatus on an even keel. September 14 people are urged to cook and take an interest in food, as they are likely to excel in this area.
When Oedipus was blinded he lost his sight, but simultaneously gained insight
Sometimes keep your opinions to yourself—they are not always appreciated. Learn to work behind the scenes. Beware of arousing resentment when you push others; let things happen in their own good time. No one has a monopoly on intelligence.
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